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2020 Summer Legal Internship

The Kings County District Attorney’s Office, located in the Metrotech area of Brooklyn, New York, is accepting applications for our highly competitive summer internship program which prepares rising 2L & 3L law students to perform the tasks and to shoulder the responsibilities of a first-year prosecutor and beyond.

The summer legal internship is an unpaid 10-week program, and interns are required to work 35 hours per week. Our hands-on training program includes: a full day of orientation, a mock suppression hearing exercise, a classroom lecture series, and tours such as the New York Police Department Firearms Lab and Red Hook Community Justice Center.

High performing legal summer interns are a primary source for hiring full-time ADAs once they have graduated

Application Deadline: March 1, 2020

Lateral Assistant District Attorney - Appeals

The Kings County District Attorney’s Office is seeking qualified attorneys to work as assistant district attorneys in the Appeals Bureau. Responsibilities of assistant district attorneys assigned to the Appeals Bureau include: writing briefs and conducting oral arguments on appeals to the Appellate Division, the Appellate Term, and the New York Court of Appeals; answering motions to vacate judgments of conviction in the Supreme Court and the Criminal Court; responding to habeas corpus petitions in federal district court; and litigating appeals to the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit.


Minimum qualification requirements:

  • Attorney admitted to practice in New York

  • Appellate or other writing experience, preferably in criminal law


Essential skills:

  • Strong writing, research, and analytical skills

  • Ability to work effectively under deadlines

  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills

Lateral Assistant District Attorney - Chief of Human Trafficking Unit

The Kings County District Attorney's Office, located in the Metrotech area of Brooklyn, New York is seeking a senior level Attorney to join the office to serve as the Chief of the Human Trafficking Unit.


The Human Trafficking Unit vigorously investigates and prosecutes those who, through force, fraud, coercion, persuasion or otherwise, have forced individuals or children into prostitution and/or labor, including as domestic servants, nannies, housekeepers, construction and restaurant workers. The unit’s staff also engages in community outreach by conducting meetings at schools and community centers to educate Brooklyn residents on the dangers of human trafficking and on how to look for warning signs that a person might be a trafficking victim.


The ideal candidates are expected to perform the following duties:

  • Engage in continuous outreach to bring awareness to Human Trafficking and work with advocates and community groups to combat Human Trafficking.
  • Work with current special victims leadership to supervise and evaluate the individuals accused of committing Human Trafficking offenses.
  • Work with current special victims leadership to enhance Human Trafficking cases from inception, grand jury, through disposition as well as supervise and mentor assistants as needed.
  • Make themselves available as needed to assist law enforcement or enhance cases of suspected Human Trafficking.


Preferred Skills:

  • Litigation experience demonstrated through a record of jury trials and/or a record of legal advocacy on behalf of victims of Human Trafficking and related legislation
  • Prior supervisory experience with demonstrated experience in conducting and supervising long-term investigations and prosecutions.
  • Strong leadership skills to oversee large docket of cases and ensure prompt resolution of matters.
  • Ability to excel in a fast-paced work environment and handle a high volume of cases and investigations.
  • Ability to work independently as well as collaborate with others within, as well as outside of our agency.
  • Willingness to conduct active outreach and develop partnerships with outside agencies to combat Human Trafficking
  • Excellent writing and interpersonal skills.


Salary will be commensurate with experience.


Lateral Assistant District Attorney - Conviction Review Unit


The Brooklyn District Attorney's Office is seeking an experienced attorney to join the office in the Conviction Review Unit of the Post-Conviction Justice Bureau. The Conviction Review Unit investigates past convictions to determine if the convicted defendant was wrongfully convicted including. but not limited to, actual innocence.


Under the direction of the Bureau Chief, the ideal candidates are expected to perform the following duties:

  • Reviewing case files, police files and paperwork, court transcripts, court records, parole minutes, and all other documents connected with or relevant to a criminal prosecution.
  • Interviewing witnesses, defendants, prosecution and defense attorneys, and relevant experts.
  • Preparing and presenting motions, responses and oral arguments to the court.
  • Preparing memorandums detailing the crime, prosecution, post-conviction history and the investigation conduct in connection with this unit. 


  • All candidates must be admitted to practice law in the State of New York.
  • Candidates must have eight or more years of legal experience following graduation from an accredited law school with significant employment as a prosecutor and/or criminal defense attorney, or other area of practice concerning criminal law in any jurisdiction.

Preferred Skills

  • Candidates must have extensive trial and/or investigative experience.
  • Candidates must have good analytical and communicative skills.
  • Candidates must have the ability to work independently as well as collaborate with others within the unit.
  • Candidates must have a strong working knowledge of criminal procedure and rules of evidence, as well as a strong understanding of the attorney’s rules of ethics.
  • Candidates must have demonstrated strong legal writing and oral advocacy skills.
  • Candidates should have the ability to work with outside agencies such as the NYPD, Department of Corrections, Corporation Counsel and the OCME.


Occasional Travel Required

Salary will be commensurate with experience.


Lateral Assistant District Attorney - Investigations Division


The Kings County District Attorney’s Office is seeking seasoned attorneys with at least 5 years of litigation as well as investigative experience to join the Office in its Investigations Division.


Applicants must be able to handle a high volume of work with strict adherence to deadlines in a fast-paced environment.  In addition, applicants for this position should have the ability to think and work independently as well as the ability to work in conjunction with other bureaus in the Office as well as with local, State and Federal law enforcement agencies. 


Responsible for long-term investigations, grand jury presentations, trials, and prosecutions in the areas of public corruption, environmental crimes, organized crime, and frauds, including labor fraud, real estate fraud, immigrant fraud, elder fraud, healthcare fraud, consumer fraud, cybercrime and securities fraud.  Responsible for handling a docket of court cases covering the above listed disciplines.


Preferred Qualifications:


Excellent investigative skills, including significant experience drafting subpoenas, interviewing

witnesses, analyzing financial and business records and creating investigative plans.


Excellent writing skills, preferably with experience drafting search warrants, pen registers and eavesdropping warrants.


Strong court room advocacy skills. 


Working knowledge of computer technology and participation in sophisticated cybercrime investigations.


Proven record of managing an investigative team in long-term, proactive investigations into complex criminal organizations involved in fraud schemes, organized crime or public corruption.


Solid interpersonal skills with the ability to work as part of a team.


Salary will be commensurate with experience.